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Keap Beginner Workshop

June 29th and 30th, 2022


Live Virtual Sessions:
Day 1: June 29, 9 am - 1 pm PDT
Day 2: June 30, 10 am - 3 pm PDT
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Keap Beginner Workshop

Keap is a tool - a powerful one, but like any tool the real power lies in understanding the various ways it can be used.

So to help Keap users quickly build comfort with the tool, and spot new opportunities where automation can help solve problems in their business, we’re hosting a free two-day Beginner Workshop.

During this two-day training event, we will:

  • Introduce the Lifecycle Automation framework, and show you how you can use it to identify and prioritize improvements to your existing customer experience
  • Highlight important Keap features, and help you feel confident using them to solve challenges and produce real-world outcomes for your business 

This is a hands-on workshop—we’ll share strategies and tactics, and train you on using Keap to put them to work in your business.

Who is this event for?

While this event will have strategic components, at the end of the day it’s a software training - so it’s best suited for the implementer in your business.

If you’re the marketing manager, the builder, the automation architect - if you’ve got your sleeves rolled up and your hands on the keyboard, then this is for you.

In less than two days, you can massively level up your confidence with Keap, and multiply the ways automation serves your business. Ready? 

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Meet Your Keap Academy Hosts


Mychal Edelman

Host, Keap Academy

Mychal has worked across the Keap ecosystem for over 10 years. His work with Keap’s top partners and as an instructor at Keap Academy allowed him to grow businesses for Keap’s most advanced users, as well as those who are “just getting started” on their small business journey. Wherever you are, Mychal is sure to be interested in what you are working on. He simply loves connecting with others who share an entrepreneurial spirit.

Grady Kerr

Host, Keap Academy

Grady has been with Keap for 8 years. In that time he has coached and trained thousands of customers to find success with Keap. Much of his knowledge comes from personally using Keap to grow his own business. Grady has the heart of a teacher and makes learning accessible to everyone who has the pleasure of working with him.


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